Embrace Canadian Cultural Diversity

CLF Cultural Canada Association is a not-for-profit association aims to provide a “home-away-from-home” concept for all members of our community to communicate and share their experiences in helping to make our community stronger and more united. Our mission is to facilitate an exchange of cultural values and while simultaneously introducing Canadian culture to new members of the community.

In the words of our Founder,

“CCCA’s purpose is to improve the mutual understanding, interest and fraternity between communities and people from all cultures and ethnic backgrounds, thereby enabling all parties to experience and appreciate the different cultures and ethnics our multicultural community has to offer.”

CCCA is dedicated to improving mutual understandings, interests and fraternity relations between communities originating from all ethnicities. We strive to enable cross-cultural experiences and generate appreciation for the different cultures that thrive and exist in our community. We are dedicated to build bridges of multiculturalism that all steer towards a diverse and mutually-inclusive community based on respect and acceptance.

The CCCA will organize and host various events and activities to help further our mission statements and goals. We invite and encourage all members of the community to support us by getting involved and participating in our upcoming events!

The success of our organization depends on large contributions of time and effort from our volunteers and organization members. We are accepting dedicated, driven and passionate individuals to join us as volunteers or even organization members. Please contact us for more details.