Support Our Mission

Relationships are the foundation in building community. At the CCCA, we value the support we receive from every individual, group, and organization in our community. Regardless of your status of stay in Canada, we welcome everyone from all cultures and ethnics to help us build a more inclusive society. If you are interested in working together with us in making a difference in our community, please contact us for more details.


We welcome any dedicated, driven, and passionate individuals who are eager to become a volunteer with us. As a volunteer, you will be provided with numerous opportunities in planning, organizing, demonstrating at events to work with us in making a difference in our community. Volunteers will be able to:

  • Retain and demonstrate new skills and knowledge from a variety of areas
  • Broaden experiences by interacting with new people and places
  • Build a greater network and connections within the community
  • Develop a higher understanding of different cultures and languages
  • Participate in the bigger picture and achieve greater self-confidence and self-esteem


We are proud to partner with numerous acclaimed public bodies, community organizations, businesses, and associations to further our mission and goals. We welcome new bodies to partner with us for specific events or develop long-term partnership. Partners will be able to:

  • Develop new relationships with a plethora of businesses, organizations, and community groups
  • Promote brand awareness to a wider range of audiences
  • Co-host workshops and events and be part of the planning and organizing process
  • Expand business insights while cooperating with other bodies
  • Commit to building a diverse and inclusive society together